Steel Tech Land-based aquaculture

Complete delivery of equipment and facility for onshore fish farming

This picture is an overview of what Bjørdal can deliver to your project.


  • Integration and 3D design of the delivery to ensure interface is taken care of and to make sure all heights and distances are taken into consideration in the design phase
  • Complete building constructions
  • Walkways, stairs, rails etc
  • Steel Tech center arrangement valve for each separate fish tank, facilitated for removing dead fish from the top
  • Steel Tech Water Filtration system for inlet of water to – or outlet of water from – the plant. The Filtration systems might eventually be used for each tank or group of tanks in RAS systems
  • Steel Tech Sorting and Vaccination system
  • Steel Tech Water Separator
  • Steel Tech dead fish treatment system
  • Steel Tech Roe tank for gentle handling of roe and small fish
  • Service Support: With Bjørdal equipment and system, this secures trained and available service engineers that supports all delivered equipment

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