Combined King crab and snow crab factory

This Steel Tech Processing plant layout is made together with a russian client for a specialized crab catcher vessel specified for production of a combination of different products.

As all other projects for processing plants, the factory layout is designed in 3D allowing you to study the logistics and processing lines in detail.

This Steel Tech Processing plant takes care of all processing of crab and freezing the labelled cartons as well as al logistics of crab and cartons from reception to cargo room.

The Steel Tech Advanced Automation System takes care of the operation of the factory as well as monitoring of the condition of the equipment and logbook for catch. This also allows for online monitoring and system check via VPN.


      • Reception on fishing deck
      • Sorting out of non-collectables that are gently released
      • Live storage tanks with lifting bottoms
      • Butchering and brushing machines
      • Grader for products
      • Bleeding/grading tanks
      • Quality control and packing
      • Tanks for boiling, cooling and freezing
      • Packing station and transport of market cartons to cargo hold
      • The overall capacity is 60 tons of products pr day.

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